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...Definitive Management of Oral Mucositis
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    ProThelial™ is Far Beyond
       Polymerized Cross-Linked Sucralfate Malate Paste
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  Oral Mucositis Management
     Prevention and Treatment of Oral Mucositis
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    Associated with the Rapid
    Reversal of Oral Mucositis
       Phase IV Mucositis Registry
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About Mucositis
Mucositis: The BasicsAssessment of Oral Mucositis in Adult 
	and Pediatric Oncology PatientsPrevention and Treatment of Oral 
	Mucositis in Cancer PatientsCancer Related Mucositis Management	

Health Economics and Outcomes
  Driving Down the Cost of Mucositis
ProThelial™ reduces the cost of mucositis care by $6,928 - $29,418 per course of chemo-radiation therapy. ProThelial™ is associated with the rapid reversal, and prevention, of oral mucositis. Click to read more on how ProThelial™ drives down the cost of oral mucositis. Financial Costs of Mucositis Evaluating the supportive care costs of severe radiochemotherapy induced mucositis and pharyngitis. Results from a Northwestern university pilot study with head and neck and non-small cell lung cancer patients on the cost of cancer care.
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Toxic mucositis is an emergent/urgent medical condition mandated coverage by all insurers. Patients no longer need suffer toxic mucositis. Click icon to download the ProThelial™ Prescription Referral Form. -->-->-->
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Prescribe ProThelial™
	ProThelial™ Sucralfate Malate Paste 
	forms a protective layer over the oral 
	mucosa by adhering to the mucosal 
	surface, which allows it to protect 
	against further irritation and 
	relieve pain. The paste may be used 
	in the management of mouth lesions 
	of all types.
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