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 About ProThelial™ 

 Who can use ProThelial™ 

ProThelial™ is a versatile therapeutic tool for oncologists, nurses and 
clinicians in managing patients' mucositis – oral, esophageal and alimentary.
The active ingredients of current mucositis therapies are inorganic metal ions and compounds 
while Prothelial™ is a drug rendered as a device. Current mucositis therapies are limited in 
the type of mucositis they treat and their beneficial clinical effects are limited. Additionally 
current therapies rarely prevent Grade 1 and 2 oral mucositis and none are capable of treating 
esophageal and alimentary mucositis. Most are designed as mouthwashes and rinses. Alternatively, 
another leading treatment is a biological product (epithelial growth factor) and is 
administered intravenously. However, it too is limited to the management of only severe forms 
of oral mucositis and can be used only once per patient per treatment.

Similarities with Other Mucositis Products
All other mucositis products do not eliminate ulcers. Only ProThelial™ can. ProThelial™ also 
prevents ulcers, and the associated pain.

Patient Populations for ProThelial™
Cancer treatment patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy or both who have a greater 
than 50% chance of developing mucositis should be prescribed ProThelial™.

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