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Health Care Professionals - What Causes Mucositis 
Mucositis results from the harmful effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy on normal mucosal tissuein the oral cavity, upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Painful erosions and ulceration occur from injury sustained by normally dividing mucosal cells that have been exposed to chemo-radiation. These ulcerations are painful in their own right but become secondarily infected by oral bacteria or fungi whichadd to the pain. Antibiotics and antifungal agents are not recommended as they do not help. Curing the ulceration eliminates the pain and reverses the infection. PHARYGEAL, ESOPHAGEAL, ALIMENTARY MUCOSITIS Oral mucositis spread from the mouth to the pharynx (throat), then to the esophagus. Mucositis of the lower GI tract rarely involves ulcerations, but instead involves mucosal lining dysfunction. Chemo-radiation of the lower GI tract targets normally dividing mucosal cells, arresting their development and thereby compromising function. The results is nausea, colicky cramps and diarrhea. Or alimentary mucositis.
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