...Definitive Management of Oral Mucositis
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What is Mucositis ?
What Causes Mucositis?

 Oral Mucositis 

What causes Mucositis? 

Related to Chemoradiation Treatments for Cancer
	•	Mucositis occurs when mucous membranes of the mouth are injured either by 
		chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy in individuals undergoing cancer treatment.

Non-Chemoradiation Causes of Mucositis 
	•	Mucositis may also occur by primary infection from invading bacteria, viruses or fungi.
	•	Other causes of mucositis include caustic or acid injury by accidental ingestion of chemicals.

Medical Treatment 
	•	In most cases, mucositis requires treatment if it disrupts routine activities of daily life, 
		such as eating, drinking and swallowing comfortably.
	•	Your doctor is aware of how to manage all forms of mucositis when they occur.

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